Tuesday, 2 September 2014


Just a little doodle whilst watching the epic, How to train your dragon 2.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Transformers Age of Extinction Review.

So I just watched Transfromers Age of Extinction a few days ago and all that goes through my mind is, "Why do I keep doing this to myself?" I liked the the original three movies despite the terrible plot feeble characters and the ever present, awkward, stuttering, "I am not famous any more," Shia Lebouf. 
Well I enjoyed the first and the third. The second not so much but I felt that it had more to offer, (maybe not.)

But with Extinction I had high hopes. They got rid of the dead weight from the previous trilogy and gave all the Transformers a sleek fresh appearance, oh and they added FUCKING DINOBOTS. So at that point I was sold. The trailers made the film look like it was heading in a more hopeful direction too.

So as I headed into the cinema I was feeling foolishly optimistic. Yet as the opening credits rolled I suddenly felt that optimisim turn to a unrelenting wave of slaps to the face. 
There is very little to praise as I said before the new designs of most of the Transformers looked great and the performances  of the human characters were better than than the series has had to date.
But the execution of the movie played almost exactly the same as the others. Nauseating camera angles, soft core pornography, lame predictable joke and excessive explosions. 
What was originally entertaining and visually stimulating was now exhausting. 

Maybe it's a sign of my age that these sort of movies just don't float my boat anymore. But when you think there have been plenty of  movies in today's market that actually challenge or develop on what has come before, rather than re-hash the same old tropes. Let's use a recent film that came out, "Captain America the Winter Soldier." This movie didn't just rest on the laurels of Avengers, it took risks and it didn't rely on the abundance of digital effects, (though it did have its fair share.) 
So why do we keep getting duped by movies like Transformers when it's evident far superior movies are out there? The simple answer is mass stupidity!  A common problem which has no sign of dissipaiting.

My point, if I have one is that Transformers Age of Extinction was another sign that the age of crass humour and explosions, do not a movie make a point many have made before me I just felt the need to vent on the issue.

The pic above is a representation of how I viewed the film, (as a horribly rough around the edges piece of crap.)

Saturday, 22 March 2014

5 min Quick pic

Had a few mins spare whilst watching tv thought I would do a quicky of The Joker. Cos why not?